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Analytics App - Mobile Access to Google Analytics on the iPhone

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Instant, Mobile Access to Google Analytics

Finally you can get to all of your reports and data with Analytics App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or sitting on the throne, Analytics App gives you quick and easy access to your analytics data.

Easier than checking with your browser

The Analytics App interface makes it easier than even using your computer’s browser to check and analyze your site stats! You’ll find yourself checking your stats with Analytics App not only on the go, but at your desk as well!

Be More Productive

You need at least one productive app on your iPhone, right? Analytics App can make any spare moment a productive moment. How many leads did you get today? What keywords were hot this month? What content brought in the most conversions?

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  • Quick Overview Reports for at-a-glance data
  • More Detailed Reports for deeper analysis
  • Supports Multiple Accounts, Multiple Sites, change login anytime
  • Change date range, chart granularity by Day/Week/Month
  • Ecommerce, Events and All 20 Goal Reports

Over 55 Available Reports!

Overview Reports

  • Today (Dashboard report of Today)
  • Dashboard
  • Visitors Overview
  • Traffic Overview
  • Content Overview
  • Event Tracking Overview
  • Goals Overview

Visitors Reports

  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Visitor Recency
  • Length of Visit
  • Depth of Visit
  • Browsers and OS
  • Languages

Traffic Reports

  • All Traffic Sources
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Keywords
  • Non-Paid Keywords
  • Paid Keywords
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Versions

Content Reports

  • Top Content
  • Content by Title
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Top Exit Pages

Event Tracking Reports

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“…this application is a keeper. Up-to-date stats from all of your sites, available nearly anywhere, makes our geeky little hearts go pitter-pat.” - (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

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“This is a great app for people like me.” - Barry Schwartz, Search Engine guru (demo video)

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“Fantastic. This app is simply amazing. I have over 160 Google Analytics accounts all with multiple profiles. This app has saved me time and made me a hero to my clients and to my co-workers (boss).” - Chewiezx2 in iTunes


With 55 reports and a helpful Dashboard overview, Analytics App gives you access to everything you need from your Google Analytics data. Overview reports make it quick and easy to get the big picture, detailed reports let you see up to 100 results.


Integrated charts let you visually see your data within the date range you are analyzing. Multiple metrics have associated charts, just tap on the metric if there is a chart in the same table!

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports like the Keywords report (also splits out Paid and Non-Paid Keywords) list up to 100 rows of data, letting you dig deep into your data.

Multiple Sites, Accounts

Whether you just have one site or 50, Analytics App loads all your sites and accounts from Google Analytics. If you have multiple logins, just login as a different user when needed.


Your privacy is important, so Analytics App only stores your Google Analytics login credentials on your device and only transmits them directly to Google to get your data.

Any Date Range

Select any date range easily from the report list or from a report itself, and the report is updated with the new date range.

Another Example Report

Had space for one more screenshot, but seriously you should just buy it, it rocks.


Analytics App is available on the iPhone AppStore for only $5.99. Your purchase helps us to improve Analytics App and add new features!

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