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11/6/09 - Analytics App has been approved! Enjoy the new update! We have combined the overviews into one “Dashboard” report, added a “Yesterday” report to go along with “Today”. We’ve added several new reports. Next version we hope to add the Goal reports back in.

Thanks for your patience if you’ve been waiting for the update!

If you need help, have a question, or would like to make a suggestion about Analytics App, please email or visit our FAQ page. Thank you!

Missing Chart lines?

If all your charts are missing lines, then this most likely is because you changed the Graph Resolution from Day to Week or Month. Go to the list of reports or a report itself, and tap the Date button at the top right. For the Graph Resolution, change it back to “Day”. This feature may be confusing, but all it does is smooth out the data if you are looking at a longer time period. If you are looking at a year or a couple of years, you may want to use the Week or Month. Just change it back to Day when you are done.