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Announcing Analytics App - Google Analytics iPhone App

We are very excited to announce the debut of Analytics App to the iPhone App Store! Analytics App is a fully featured Google Analytics iPhone App giving you access to all your sites, accounts, reports, and data! With 29 reports and unlimited custom reports you create in Google Analytics, you’ll find yourself spending more time with your Analytics data!

The Analytics App interface makes it easier than even using your computer’s browser to check and analyze your site stats! You’ll find yourself checking your stats with Analytics App not only on the go, but at your desk as well!

Analytics App includes 29 reports in categories including Overview Reports, Visitors Reports, Traffic Reports, Content Reports, Event Tracking Reports, and Custom Reports!

For a full list of reports available, visit the features section.
For more screenshots, visit the screenshots section.
Download Analytics App for $5.99 from the iTunes AppStore!

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11 Responses to “Announcing Analytics App - Google Analytics iPhone App”

  1. Tinus Guichelaar

    How did you do this? Do you have early access to the Analytics API?

  2. Taylor Cimala

    Thanks for putting this together. I am very happy to have GA available when I’m on the go so this will be very helpful.

    I put up a blog post about the app today too helping promote along with a few suggestions.

    Any ideas about why app crashes when clicking to view a profile?

  3. Rog

    Do you (or Google) have sample websites with the GATC already embedded that are open to the public for viewing live stats via the iPhone app?

    Or is Google Analytics able to work on some sites without embedding GATC?


  4. Frederic

    This is an awesome app, but… it does not work if the language in the google analytics account is set to “Français”. Maybe the accents in “Créer un compte” are not helping. Anyway, with a french configured account, the table with the websites names does not show up, and you can’t do anything except hitting the settings button.

  5. Maurice

    App chrashes a lot after the update,
    when trying to enter Home or Dashboard it’s crash.
    Other funtions work ok.
    Reinstalend the App didn’t help.

  6. Michael D Jensen

    Version 1.1 update resolves these issues, thanks!

  7. Michael D Jensen

    @Tinus - no we don’t have API access, we use the XML exports to retrieve the data. Thanks!

  8. Michael D Jensen

    @Taylor - thanks for the review! Version 1.1 fixes the crash bug.

  9. Michael D Jensen

    @Rog - no you need to use your own sites that are set up with Google Analytics. Thanks!

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  11. Chad breece

    I just did a twitter post about this analytics app. i looooove it, i’m on it all the time. muchas gracias for making it…

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